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TMUPS MVA series provides megawatt of power in a single UPS frame. The patented power modules are able to provide superior UPS performance and reliability through advanced patented control of CSTBTs (advanced IGBT). Incorporated with Digital Signal Processor and Direct Digital Control to avail the full benefits of the latest generation CSTBTs, TMUPS realizes the reduced total cost of ownership and improved PUE over conventional UPS.

Exclusive Features

  • Expandable up to 6 units in parallel to meet the redundancy requirements.
  • Compact footprint design delivers more power density per sq. Ft. in the industry.
  • Multi-level power conversion enhances the lifetime of capacitors to 15 years.
  • Most suitable for high density data centre applications.

Exclusive Features

  • IGBT based Rectifier and Inverter
  • Wide input range = LCD display Cold Start
  • Unique design for internal battery 16*7AH / 9AH for 5 & 6KVA
  • 5 & 6KVA are having unity output Power factor
  • Advanced battery management = Isolation Transformer Compatible
  • Automatic battery charging in UPS off mode = Lightning and surge protection
  • Short circuit and overload protection = Fan speed adjusted by load automatically
  • Network / Fax / Modem surge protection = Optional extension battery pack
  • EMI / RFI and Noise filter
  • EPO function
  • Parallel capacity up to 4 Nos., extendable 20KVA*4 up to 80KVA

Exclusive features

  • 20 / 25 / 30KVA hot-swappable power modules for predictive power management and lowest MTTR.
  • 3Level IGBT based Rectifier and Inverter
  • Efficiency double conversion up to 96.5% & ECO mode up to 99%.
  • Idle Mode Save Power.
  • Input Power Factor 0.99.
  • Standard Output PF = 0.9, Configurable to Unity
  • 10″ colour Touch Screen = Intelligent and innovative Self Aging Test
  • Isolated airflow with redundant fans.

The Modulon DPH supports ultimate availability for datacentre operations and provides the benefit of “pay as you go” without over-sizing the UPS.

Exclusive Features

  • Advanced fault tolerance design.
  • Self-synchronization of power and control modules for continous on-line operations.
  • Hot swappable key modules and components.
  • Vertical expansion from 25kW to 200kW.
  • Parallel expansion up to four units without requiring additional hardware.
  • Variable configurations possible providing the scalable flexibility up to Tier 4 level.
  • Full rated power (kVA=kW) to maximize power availability.

IDU integrated data centre solution: Integrated UPS, Power distribution, precision air-conditioner, monitor system, Water leakage detection, fire protection into one cabinet.

Exclusive Features

  • Quick deployment : Modularization component, standardization interface, factory pre-assembled, quick installation on-site.
  • Energy-efficient: Modular UPS, precision cooling, sealed aisle.
  • Cost-effective: Low design cost, low project cost, low maintenance cost.
  • One-stop service: Integrated solution design, Deployment of all sub-system, Service of all sub-system.